What is this?

Our Data, Our Way is an opportunity for all New Zealanders to have a say on how personal data is used and shared.

This online tool presents data use examples that help individuals explore their comfort in specific situations. Each example takes about five minutes to complete, and at the conclusion users can see how their comfort compares with others who have already responded to the same example(s).

New Zealanders having their say will ultimately help draft guidelines for public and private organisations to use to develop a “social licence” for data use. The guidelines will set out the ways in which those working with data can build confidence by using data safely and in a way that will be of benefit to individuals and the wider public. The guidelines will seek to address people’s key concerns and set out steps organisations should take to use data in a way that is understood and trusted by individuals.

What is ‘social licence’?

When people trust that their data will be used as they have agreed, and accept that enough value will be created, they are likely to be more comfortable with its use. This acceptance is referred to as a social licence.

Social licence is dynamic and the level of acceptance can change over time, or indeed be suddenly lost. It is particularly dependent on the extent of trust the subjects hold in the data user, and their acceptance of the particular data uses.

Your Information

Unless you volunteer personally identifiable information, the information you provide to Our Data, Our Way remains entirely anonymous.

While Our Data, Our Way provides analyses of aggregate data collected via the application, it will under no circumstances disclose to any identifiable third party individual-level user data.